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Their Canons and Dogmatic Decrees,
Together with the Canons of All the Local Synods
which have Received Ecumenical Acceptance. Edited by H. R. Percival

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The Council of Ancyra - A.D. 314 ||| The Council of Neocaesarea - A.D. 315

The First Ecumenical Council - A.D. 325

The Council of Gangra - A.D. 325/381 ||| The Synod of Antioch in Encaeniis - A.D. 341 ||| The Synod of Laodicea - A.D. 343/381

The Second Ecumenical Council - A.D. 381

Council of Constantinople - A.D. 382

The Third Ecumenical Council - A.D. 431

The Fourth Ecumenical Council - A.D. 451

The Fifth Ecumenical Council - A.D. 553

The Sixth Ecumenical Council - A.D. 680-681 / The Quinisext Ecumenical Council - A.D. 692

The Council of Sardica - A.D. 343/344 ||| Canons of Carthage - A.D. 419 ||| Council of Constantinople - A.D. 394 ||| Council of Carthage held under Cyprian - A.D. 257

The Seventh Ecumenical Council - A.D. 787

Apostolical Canons / Approved Canons of the Fathers

The Symbol of Faith as Defined by the Second Ecumenical Council; Bilingual - Greek / English - text, translated by Elpenor.

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Three Millennia of Greek Literature


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