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Athos Holy Mount

Monumental Painting
1.7 A martyr
Dionysiou Monastery


The Original New Testament

This fresco fragment comes from the outer narthex of the katholikon of the Monastery of Dionysiou (1547). The rest of the body of the saint whose bust is portrayed here is still in situ, in a group of other martyrs. The artist who overpainted the fresco in the nineteenth century restored the missing parts of the figure and named it St Antypas, although there is nothing in what is legible of the inscription ([ΜΑΡΤ]ΥΡΙΟΝ ΤΟΥ ΜΑΡΤΥΡΟΣ Ο...) to justify this identification. The stylistic features of this fresco are consistent with the rest of the painted decoration in the katholikon, which has been attributed to Zorzis (Gabriel D. 1959, p. 14). The volumes are rendered with plasticity, the expression is austere and the palette is confined to shades of brown, except for the the bare flesh and the edges of the drapery.

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