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Athos Holy Mount

Monumental Painting
1.8 Virgin and Child
16th c.
Dionysiou Monastery


The Original New Testament

This rare example of a fresco preserved in the shrine in a monk's cell in the south-eastern corner of the Monastery of Dionysiou was only recently detached from the wall. The Virgin is represented in full-length, seated on a high-backed throne, her left hand resting on the Christ Child's shoulder.

The iconographic type of the enthroned Virgin and Child, already known from the early Christian art (Soteriou 1956, no. 4), continued to be used thoughout the sixteenth century, and occurs in the frescoes of Athonite monasteries, decorating the apses of the katholika of the Monasteries of Xenophontos (1544), Dionysiou (1547) and Docheiariou (1568) (Millet 1927, pls. 169.2, 136.1, 218.1).

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16th century

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