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Athos Holy Mount

Portable Icons
2.116 St Stephen, St Nicholas, St John the Theologian
16th and 18th c.
Wood, egg tempera, 148 x 128 x 3.5 cm


The Original New Testament

This very wide icon is probably from the series of icons used in the 1542 iconostasis (see 2.114). The full-length figures of the saints have been overpainted, though without disturbing the original overall design. St Stephen the First Martyr ( AΓIOC CTEΦANOC O ΠPΩTOMAPTYC) is shown on the left, facing forward and with a tonsured head, holding a martyr's cross and a censer in his right hand, and a container for incense in his left. In the centre stands St Nicholas ( O AΓIOC NIKOΛAOC) in bishop's vestments, holding a closed book. On the right is St John the Theologian ( O AΓIOC IΩ(ANNHC) O ΘEOΛOΓOC) turned three-quarters to the right, holding a half-open book. The gold background and the inscriptions do not seem to have been overpainted, but until the overpainting has been removed from the figures no observations can be made on the technique of the original work.

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