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Athos Holy Mount

Portable Icons
2.125 St Euthymios the Great
17th c.
Dionysiou Monastery
Painting on wood


The Original New Testament

An impressive figure with an excessively long beard that runs off the bottom of the icon, this representation of the saint follows the iconographic type known to us from the tenth-century Menologion of Basil II (LCI 6 (1974) pp. 201-3). With his left hand he holds an open scroll, rather unnaturally, while his right hand is raised in blessing. Of note is the colouring of the monastic habit, dark olive-green for the cloak and light green for the hood, which is fastened around his throat. The text on the scroll (THN TΩN ΠAΘΩN KAMINON EI BOYΛEI CBECAI ICΘIE ΘPHNΩN THN TPOΦHN KAΘ' HMEPAN KAI KIPNOI THC ΔAKPYCIN AYTOY THN ΠOCIN) (`Whoever desires to quench the flames of passion, let him eat his daily meal mournfully and mix his drink with his tears') is not the usual one (Dionysios of Phourna p. 162. Tsigaridas 1978, p. 190).

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Index of exhibits of Monastery of Dionysiou
17th century

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