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2.126 St John Klimax
17th c.
Dionysiou Monastery
Wood, egg tempera


The Original New Testament

The author of the Klimax, or Heavenly Ladder, and abbot of the St Catherine's Monastery on Sinai ( 30.6.649) is depicted, like the other saints in this series, half-length and holding an open scroll with both hands in front of his chest (ΓACTPOC KPATHCON ICXYEI ΠACHC EI ΓAP KOPECTH BPΩMATΩN H MAIMΩCA KAI CTPHNIACEI ΠPOC BPΩMATA KAI ΠOCEIC OICTPHΛATΩCEI KAI ΠΛEON THC MAINAΔOC) (`Make every effort to restrain yourself concerning your stomach, as whoever eats gluttonously or greatly desires food and drink will be overcome by a madness worse even than that of the Maenads'). He is shown with a long beard and short hair, and wears a monk's habit of a dark green cassock and dark brown cloak rendered with a few lighter brush-strokes to delineate the folds.

The artist has taken special care with the face and the exposed parts of the hands. The volumes are modelled with brown half-tones and the highlights picked out with sparse white brush-strokes. The hair and beard have been rendered in the same manner (LCI 7 (1974) pp. 140-4).

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17th century

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