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Portable Icons
2.130 Sts Anthony, Euthymios, and Sabbas
Nea Skete
Wood, egg tempera, 29.3 x 21.5 cm


The Original New Testament

The three saints are portrayed in full-length frontal poses, wearing monastic garb. Anthony also wears his hood, while the other two are bare-headed. Their haloes are outined with dotted ornamentation. Each holds an open scroll in his left hand; with his right hand, Euthymios makes a gesture of blessing, Sabbas holds a cross, and Anthony rests his on a staff. Anthony's scroll has probably been rewritten, and bears the inscription: 'I do not fear God, but I love him.' The inscriptions on the other two scrolls are half obliterated and illegible.

The saints' names are written in white on the upper section of the frame, followed by the epithet of each one in red lettering on the gold ground: 'St Anthony the Great', 'St Euthymios the Great', 'St Sabbas the Blessed'. The year 1766 is inscribed in the lower part of the composition.

The icon was probably painted in an Athonite workshop which followed the tradition of Cretan painting (Chatzidakis 1986, fig. 209) in the eighteenth century, a period when art had acquired something of the nature of a handicraft (Chatzidakis 1975 (2), pp. 246ff.).

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