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Portable Icons
2.97 The Mid-Pentecost
18th c., 1st half
Skete of St Anne
Wood, egg tempera, 30.4 x 23.5 cm


The Original New Testament

This icon of the Mid-Pentecost, or Christ among the Doctors (Tourta 1991, pp. 87-8) is executed in the same artistic manner as that of Christ Pantokrator (1737) and comes from the same skete. The work could be attributed to an Athonite workshop of the first half of the eighteenth century. Apart from the attempt to model the volume of the figures according to the models of the brilliant art of the thirteenth- to fourteenth century Athonite monuments, the two icons also share a predominance of dark colours - in both cases Christ wears robes of exactly the same colour - as well as warm red flesh tones and a tendency to complement the theme with prominent architectural elements. Apart from the two Paleologan structures to left and right in the background, a distinctive feature is the double-domed ciborium deriving from sixteenth-century Cretan works, with Christ's throne placed among its columns.

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18th century

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