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Athos Holy Mount

Illuminated Manuscripts
5.24 Lectionary
1337, 1360
Chelandari Cod. 9
Parchment, 33.5 x 25.5 cm, ff. 338


The Original New Testament

According to the notes on folios 336v and 337v, this manuscript was written by the monk Romanos in the year 1337, very probably at Chelandari, at the bidding of Hegumen Arsenios, and was decorated a few years later, in 1360, when Dorotheos was hegumen. It is illuminated with the full-page representations of the four Evangelists: John (fol. 3v), Matthew (fol. 51v), Luke (fol. 129v) and Mark (fol. 234v), the work of a competent painter of the mid-fourteenth century. They are depicted seated, each in a different posture beneath an arch and against a plain gold background. The decoration also includes headpieces of various shapes and initials with flora designs. Although the manuscript is Slavonic, the inscriptions in the miniatures and the texts (which appear to be of later date) in the open books of the Evangelists are in Greek. The script in the text is in black ink, while red ink is used for the titles and the rubrics in the margins. The codex contains the Gospel lections for the year and the eleven Gospel lections for Lauds. Its present binding dates from the sixteenth century and consists of wood covered with plain brown leather. The codex, which is known as the Evangelion of the monk Romanos, after the name of the scribe, is in good condition.

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