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Illuminated Manuscripts
5.29 Lectionary
Simonopetra (n.n.)
Paper, 35.5 x 24 cm, ff. 376


The Original New Testament

An important illuminated manuscript, chiefly because it dates from the post-Byzantine era and, what is more, the hieromonach Iakovos of Simonopetra collaborated in its writing and decoration. The illumination of this notable Lectionary includes, as usual, the portraits of the four Evangelists: John (fol. Iv), Matthew (fol. 42v), Luke (fol. 80v), and Mark (fol. 126v). All of the miniatures are full-page and portray the figures of the Evangelists beneath a semicircular arch, against a gold or bluish blackground. The codex is also decorated with a total of seventy-one headpieces of varying sizes and shapes and 230 initials, mainly T and E, with rich flora designs. It contains the Gospel lections for the whole year. A rare and very interesting feature is the manuscript's metal binding, which was made a few years after the codex was written and depicts the cycle of the Revelation of St John, together with representations of the Anastasis (front) and Crucifixion (back). The manuscript is preserved in very good condition in the monastery's sacristy.

Bibliography: Stathis 1987, p. 132 n. 5, fig. 27. Chrysochoidis 1991, pp. 297-8, figs. 189-94. Zoumpouli 1995, pp. 299-303 (the manuscript is referred to as no. 140).

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