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Illuminated Manuscripts
5.4 Four Gospels
11th c.
Iviron Cod. 56
Parchment, 20 x 15 cm, ff. 226


The Original New Testament

This codex contains representations of the four Evangelists in the order in which they normally appear in the four Gospels - Matthew (fol. 10v), Mark (between fols. 58-9), Luke (fol. 90v) and John (between folios 142-3) - as well as one of the Crucifixion (fol. 11v). The Evangelists are depicted seated, each in a different posture. All five representations are enclosed by a simple rectangular frame formed by a broad line with tiny ornaments at the corners (eyelets). The manuscript is also adorned with five headpieces, four of which are rectangular in shape and the fifth in the form of a band, and initials with flora decoration. It contains the four Gospels with the canon tables of Eusebios at the beginning, followed by various texts about the Evangelists, apostles, etc., the last of which is acephalous, while the Revelation of St John is inserted on folio 194r; all of the texts are in miniscule script. The binding is of later date and consists of cardboard covered with brown leather. The manuscript is in good condition.

Bibliography: Lambros 1900, p. 6. Xyngopoulos 1932, p. 11, pls. 73-5. Aland 1963, p. 114. Lazarev 1967, p. 250 n. 35. Thesauroi 1975, p. 306, figs. 49-52.

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11th century

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