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Illuminated Manuscripts
5.5 The Homilies of Gregory the Theologian
Late 11th c.
Panteleimon Cod. 6
Parchment, 24.5 x 19.5 cm, ff. 294


The Original New Testament

This codex from the Monastery of Panteleimon is one of the most important manuscripts of Gregory's Homilies and belongs to the same family as the similar manuscript in Jerusalem, Taphou 14. Its numerous miniatures are related to the text and are either in the form of headpieces, set within broad richly decorated frames, or marginal, where they usually occupy the length of a whole text column; some are smaller and appear at other points, either in the margins or within the text. Most of them are in perfect condition, while a few are incomplete or badly effaced (folios 123r, 132r, 155v, 242v). The eleven pastoral and mythological scenes, in the Homily for the New Sunday, are extremely impressive, just as they are in other manuscripts of this group. The manuscript's decoration also includes many other headpieces and initials at the beginning of the homilies with flora motifs and various other representations, which show that the artist considered the text to be of great importance. Within its 294 folios, the codex contains the sixteen liturgical homilies of St Gregory the Theologian in miniscule script with red-gold titles; the last homily terminates just before the end. The carefully executed script, the richness of the decoration and the manuscript's exceptional quality in general suggest this is the product of a Constantinopolitan scriptorium. The binding consists of two wooden boards covered with brown leather decorated with pressed geometric ornaments. The codex is in good condition.

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11th century

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