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Athos Holy Mount

Church Embroidery
11.15 Girdle with buckle
18th c.
Karakalou Monastery
67 x 6 cm


The Original New Testament

Embroidered on dark blue velvet is a repeated motif of urns with spiralling tendrils and flowers. Stylized dragons emerge from the base of each urn, and the handles are human busts.

The buckle is of silver gilt, with filigree work and enamel. It consists of two discs, terminating at the side in a foliate ornament with enamelled tulips and closing with a fleur-de-lis clasp. Around the inner edge of each disc is gold granulation and in the middle an enamelled six-pointed star, and a central boss with a semiprecious (?) stone. The rosettes between the rays of the stars are also adorned with small bosses.

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M. Th.
Index of exhibits of Monastery of Karakalou
18th century

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