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Athos Holy Mount

Church Embroidery
11.30 Podea
Skete of St Anne
78 x 74 cm
Workshop of Asia Minor


The Original New Testament

Of red silk with an olive green border, punctuated in the four corners by the same red silk the podea is embroidered with thirteen similar ornamental motifs of stylized curving stems with daisies and tulips, arranged in rows, four in the upper and lower and five in the middle. Similar motifs embellish the border and the corners. The lower border bears the inscription: 'ΠΕΤΡΟC ΠΡΟCΚΥΝΗΤΗC' (Petros, a pilgrim) 1758.

The stems are worked in gold and silver thread, and the hearts of the flowers are executed in knot-stitch. Such motifs were widely used in Asia Minor for secular embroidery, as well as for aers. This podea belongs to the collection of vestments left by the Patriarch Cyril V.

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18th century

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