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Athos Holy Mount

Church Embroidery
11.5 Mitre of Cyril V
mid-18th c.
Skete of St Anne
Height 27 cm, base diameter 20 cm


The Original New Testament

The frame of this mitre is a circlet from which four strips rise to the crown, which is surmounted by an ivory cross decorated with red and blue stones. The body, or 'dome', of the mitre is made of some flexible wood, probably linden, covered with a silken fabric, while the circlet and strips are usually of metal. Appliquι ornaments are glued to the surface of the crown in the four quadrants formed by the framing strips: embroidered seraphs and stars in bold relief, stylized lilies in gold cord. White and coloured stones enhance the embroidery, and an ornate foliate ornament sets of the base of each cross strip.

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M. Th.
Index of exhibits of Skete of St. Anne
18th century

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