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Athos Holy Mount

Church Embroidery
11.6 Epitrachelion with the Deesis
15th c., 2nd half
Chelandari Monastery
155 x 20 cm


The Original New Testament

The embroidery, arranged in six panels, covers the entire surface of the epitrachelion (stole). On the central section, around the neck, is Christ as Great High Priest, with the Vrigin and John the Baptist completing the theme of the Deesis. There follow four pairs of figures: the Apostles Peter and Paul, the authors of the Liturgy Basil the Great and John Chrysostom, and the hierarchs Athanasios and Gregory the Theologian, Nicholas and Spyridon. All are depicted full-length, standing beneath trefoil arches supported by colonnettes. The panels are separated by spiralling tresses of two or four strands, and floral ornaments fill the spaces under the arches, beside the faces. The inscriptions are in Greek. The vestment ends in a broad border decorated with a cruciform double guilloche creating squares linking quatrefoil rosettes, and is fringed with 10 tassels. Millet compares this vestment with epitrachelia 98 and 100 in the Putna Monastery in Moldavia, and with no. 686 in the Byzantine Museum, Athens, and dates it to the second half of the fifteenth century.

Bibliography: Millet 1947, p. 26, pls. LI, LIII. Bogdanovic - Djuric - Medakovic 1978, p. 126, fig. 103.

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Index of exhibits of Monastery of Chelandari
15th century

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