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13.1 Memorandum of Samonas, judge in Thessaloniki
October 927
Iviron Monastery, Archives
Parchment, 27.3 x 25.5 cm


The Original New Testament

The inhabitants of the citadel of Ierissos have a long term lease on 2000 modii (about 200 hectares) of land belonging to the Colobos Monastery at Ierissos, at an annual rental of 10 gold pieces. For four years, however, they have not paid the rent due. Since their cultivation of this land has rendered them liable to military service the judge does not evict them, but merely requires them to pay the 40 gold pieces they owe.

The document still bears, in its original position, the lead seal affixed by the judge.

Bibliography: Actes d' Iviron 1985, I, no. 1.

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10th century

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