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Athos Holy Mount

Greek Documents
13.10 Sigillion issued by Patriarch Niphon
[November 1312]
Protaton, Archives
Parchment, 171 x 25 cm


The Original New Testament

With the accord and approval of the Emperor [Andronicos II Palaeologos], the Patriarch ratifies all the privileges formerly enjoyed by Mount Athos, including that of its complete independence, but decrees that from henceforth the elected Protos, who shall have full authority within the boundaries of the monastic peninsula, must be confirmed in his office by the Patriarch. He further authorises the Protos to wear the epigonation when officiating. The document, which is not dated, bears the full autograph signature of the Patriarch.

Bibliography: Actes du Protaton 1975, no. 11.

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