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13.15 Praktikon of Michael Papylas
January 1342
Karakalou Monastery, Archives
Parchment, 52 x 29 cm


The Original New Testament

Michael Papylas, the enochos (or steward) of the district of Zichna and Thessaloniki, confers upon Ioannis Margaritis full title to certain lands and farm labourers which will provide him with an income of 55 gold pieces a year. These lands had been confiscated from their former owners, and in particular from Arsenios Tzamplakonas and Cantacuzenos, who had rebelled against the Emperor John V Palaeologos.

This is an act of reprisal of a kind that was commonplace at the beginning of the 1341-1347 Byzantine civil war.

Bibliography: Lemerle 1964, pp. 278-98.

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