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13.23 Chrysobull issued by John VII Palaeologos
June 1405
St Paul's Monastery, Archives
Parchment, 37 x 54 cm


The Original New Testament

The Emperor confirms the gift by his 'good friend' Sabias Radosthlabos to St Paul's Monastery of the villages of Abramitae and Neochorion in the district of Kalamaria, exempts the villagers from all irregular taxes and forced labour, and grants them protection against the arbitrary actions or exactions of any public official. The villages in question had been a gift from the Emperor Andronicus IV Palaeologos (1376-1379).

The document bears the signature of the Emperor, in red, and the gold seal still affixed in its original position.

Bibliography: Dolger 1931, no. 34. Binon 1942, pp. 282-6.

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