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13.24 Order of the Emperor Alexios IV Comnenos
September 1416
Dionysiou Monastery, Archives
Paper, 41 x 28.5 cm


The Original New Testament

The Emperor of Trebizond confirms the annual grant of 1000 Comnene aspers, which his grandfather [Alexios III Comnenos] had promised to the Athonite Monastery of St John the Baptist (Dionysiou) and orders that in future the sum be paid by the royal Monastery of 'Christ the Chaldean' at Sourmena. He also orders that the sum be payable to any authorised agent of the foundation.

This is an extremely rare example of an original order issued by the Emperor of Trebizond.

Bibliography: Actes de Dionysiou 1968, no. 15.

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