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Greek Documents
13.25 Document from the salt-pan workers in Thessaloniki
September 1415
Dionysiou Monastery, Archives
Parchment, 44.5 x 28.4 cm


The Original New Testament

Two teams of salt workers (45 men) employed in the Thessaloniki salt pans (at Kitros?), together with their foremen Demetrios Panaretos and Andronikos Kontoskalis, undertake to give 100 aspers a year to the hieromonk who was to officiate in the new Church of St Paul in Thessaloniki. The sum would be collected by the foreman by deducting the appropriate amount from each man's wages.

Documents such as this, from the members of a guild or society, are extremely rare.

Bibliography: Actes de Dionysiou 1968, no. 14.

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15th century

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