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13.27 Judicial decision of the Metropolitan Court of Thessaloniki
December 1419
Xenophontos Monastery, Archives
Paper, 55 x 30 cm


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By order of the Metropolitan of Thessaloniki, the senior officers of the metropolitan court have heard a dispute between the Xenophontos Monastery and the brothers Demetrios and Odegetrianos Dadas. Thirty years earlier the Dadas brothers had, at an annual rental of 3 gold pieces, taken a long term lease on certain buildings belonging to the monastery in the Asomaton quarter of Thessaloniki, where they had opened a wineshop which brought them an income of 30 gold pieces a month. Now the monastery wants the property back. This is duly effected, the monastery being ordered first to repay the Dadas brothers the cost of the investment they had made to improve the property.

Bibliography: Actes de Xenophon 1986, no. 32.

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