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13.31 Document from the Synaxis in Karyes
18 January 1481
Dionysiou Monastery, Archives
Paper (folio), 31 x 21.2 cm
Certified copy from the Secretariat of the Protaton, contemporary with the original.
In the middle of the bottom margin is the wax seal of the Protaton (Virgin orans with Christ in an enkolpion).


The Original New Testament

Agathon, the hegumen of the Dionysiou Monastery, and the hieromonk Leontios, has asked the Synaxis at Karyes to sell the Monastery the kellion of Paisios, for use as a lodging for visiting monks, as well as a vineyard and two orchards. The assembly approves, and agrees to sell the property for the sum of three hundred aspers. The Monastery assumes the customary labour obligations towards the Protaton, plus an annual contribution of one litre of wax.

Bibliography: Actes de Dionysiou 1968, p. 175, no. 34. Cf. Economidis - Nikolopoulos 1966, p. 280, no. 62

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