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13.32 Synodikon of the stavrophoroi of the Great Church
12 March 1488
Iviron Monastery, Archives
Paper (folio), 30.2 x 22 cm
The text continues on the verso of the first sheet, which also bears the signatures of the officials of the Great Church.


The Original New Testament

The subject is a long-standing dispute between the Iviron and Chelandari Monasteries over Komitissa, which lies on the border of Mount Athos, and Ayios Nikolaos (Skorpiou). The Ivirites claim that Komitissa belongs to them and that it had been unlawfully encroached upon by the Chelandarites. There is an earlier judgement in this matter, pronounced by the Patriarch Symeon, in favour of the Iviron Monastery. The monks of Chelandari have continued to trespass upon this property, grazing their buffalo there, and indeed have gone so far as to appeal to the secular courts. Through the good offices of a number of persons the two sides have been reconciled, agreeing that neither Monastery shall graze buffalo there, but only horses, cattle, goats, sheep and yokes of beasts for the plough. Now they have come to Constantinople for the ratification of this agreement. The officers of the Great Church confirm the earlier documents, including that of Patriarch Symeon. The Chelandarites are forbidden to violate this compact on pain of excommunication.

Bibliography: Actes d' Iviron 1995, IV, no. 104 pp. 186-8 (with erroneous date, 1503)

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15th century

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