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13.33 Letter from Maximos, Metropolitan of Thessaloniki
May 1492
Iviron Monastery, Archives
Paper, 38.8 x 30.2 cm


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Strife and dissension have for many years been troubling relations between the Chelandari and Iviron Monasteries over the matter of the Komitissa property. The Ivirites contend that it has been always been theirs, supporting their claim with royal chrysobulls and other documents purporting to establish their occupancy of the property. In this matter they have repeatedly sought the judgement of the Athonite Synaxis, the Sublime Porte and the Patriarch. In order that this matter might be resolved, the Patriarch dispatched to Athos a senior prelate, who however was unable to settle the dispute. Now the parties have come to Thessaloniki to put their case before the authorities in that city. With the counsel and through the good offices of certain notable personages, the two monasteries have been persuaded to reach an agreement and to make their peace. Hegumen Isaias and some other monks, on behalf of the Chelandari Monastery, and Hegumen Lavrentios on behalf of the Iviron Monastery, have agreed to joint occupancy and enjoyment of the property. Neither of the monasteries shall have the right to eject the other from the area, nor to assign the right of exploitation or enjoyment of the property to any third party.

The ratification of this agreement on the part of the monks of the Chelandari Monastery appears at the bottom of the document, in Slavonic.

Bibliography: Actes d' Iviron 1995, IV no. 101 pp. 175-6.

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