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13.34 Document of the Synaxis in Karyes and the Protos Cosmas
March 1499
Vatopedi Monastery, Archives
Parchment, 74 x 22.5 cm


The Original New Testament

A dispute has broken out between the Vatopedi and Chelandari Monasteries over the boundaries of the region known as the Zygou Monastery (today the village of Prosphori, near Ouranoupoli). The boundaries of the two monasteries in this area are defined on the basis of older chrysobulls and an earlier decision by Protos Nikephoros (11th c.). Protos Cosmas and the Synaxis remove to the site and trace out the area belonging to Prosphori, describing the boundary lines in detail. This decision may not be reversed, under pain of excommunication.

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K. Ch.
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15th century

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