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13.37 Document from the Protos Moses and the Holy Synaxis
October 1543
Stavronikita Monastery, Archives
Parchment, 60.5 x 53 cm


The Original New Testament

The Synaxis at Karyes, in the presence of Patriarch Ieremias (I), Metropolitans Neophytos of Larisa and Ioasaph of Thebes, Bishops Isaiah of Porthmos and Achilles of Zetounio, and Moses, Protos of Mount Athos, grants the brothers of the Monastery of St Nicholas Stavronikita, recently established by the Patriarch, a wooded hill formerly belonging to the Protaton, that they may cut square timber and boards, as well as a mill-site in the vicinity of Livadoyeni, below Karyes. The document sets out the boundaries of the two properties. In exchange, the Monastery is required to provide the Protaton with two tens of wax annually.

Bibliography: Smyrnakis 1903, pp. 123-4. Gabriel S. 1920, pp. 227-9. Cf. Economidis 1970, no. 10, p. 446.

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16th century

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