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13.39 Sigillion-letter issued by the Grand Synaxis
Simonopetra Monastery, Archives
Paper, 50.5 x 43 cm
In the middle of the upper margin are traces of the (lost) circular wax seal of the Protaton.


The Original New Testament

During the night of December 10, 1580, the Simonopetra Monastery was burnt to the ground. The terrible conflagration destroyed not only the cloisters, the sacred treasures, the books and the vestments, but also all the precious bulls and chrysobulls documenting the possessions of the Monastery and its dependencies. As soon as they realised what was happening, the monks and their superiors hastened to the scene to offer solace and succour. This document is a signed attestation by the Synaxis of the boundaries of the foundation's property, a record of its kellia and dependencies, and a confirmation of its title to them. The document was delivered to Hegumen Eugenios and the brotherhood.

Bibliography: Unpublished. Cf. Vamvakas 1985, no. 21, p. 124-6.

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