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13.42 Document of the Synaxis in Karyes
5 December 1625
Koutloumousiou Monastery, Archives
Paper, 70 x 48 cm
In the middle of the upper margin is the seal of the Synaxis at Karyes.


The Original New Testament

There is a long-standing boundary dispute between the Iviron and Koutloumousiou Monasteries in the area known as Galiagra (Kali Agra). The members of the Synaxis, together with Ahmet Aga and men representing Mustapha Aga, the bostangi-basi, went to the site and demarcated the boundary. The boundary line begins from two rocks in the sea (one is red and the other is small); between these two rocks, at the margin of the waves, they placed a rock marked with the seals of the two monasteries. From this point the boundary line runs to the road coming from Galiagra and the vineyards belonging to the Iviron and Koutloumousiou Monasteries, to a stone placed there by Mehmet effendi and as far as another stone that he himself placed by the road. The land to the right of this line, that is, on the Galiagra side, belongs to the Koutloumousiou Monastery, and that to the left to the Iviron Monastery. This document was drawn up by the Synaxis for a perpetual surety, and was delivered to the two monasteries. No one may attempt to alter this boundary under pain of excommunication.

Bibliography: Actes de Kutlumus 1988, no. 67, pp. 193-4.

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