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13.43 Sigillion of the Patriarch and Synod (Patriarch Cyril I Loukaris)
December 1633
Iviron Monastery, Archives
Parchment, 69 x 54 cm
The lead seal of Patriarch Cyril I Loukaris is suspended from the bottom of the document on a blue cord.


The Original New Testament

The Patriarch (Cyril I Loukaris), seeing that the patriarchal and stauropegic Blateos Monastery, commonly known as Tsaousi, in the city of Thessaloniki was contracting, has transferred it together with its estates and bequests to the Athonite Iviron Monastery. His purpose in so doing is to allow its inhabitants to enjoy the succour and visitation of the Athonite monastery, and to be considered as cenobitic brothers of that foundation. With this present document, and with the approval of the Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Synod, the Patriarch confirms and ratifies this transfer. The Blateos Monastery, together with its workshops, the estate in the plain, the church of St Athanasios with its workshops, all the sacred vessels belonging to the church, including the goblet from which Christ drank, and all other real property and goods and chattels belonging to it shall henceforth belong to the Iviron Monastery, which shall have a care to all their needs. The monks of the Blateos Monastery shall commemorate the name of the Patriarch, shall live in peace and free from strife, shall safeguard the Monastery and shall strive to improve it. The hegumen shall be elected from among all the monks in the monastery, with the approval of the Iviron Monastery, which shall afford them whatever assistance it may. Any person, layman or cleric, who shall violate this disposition and shall cause trouble in the monastery or who shall withdraw it from the jurisdiction of the Iviron Monastery, shall be excommunicated. To this intent and purpose the present sigillion is presented to the Iviron Monastery.

Bibliography: Ioakeim 1922, pp. 562-5 (with many mis-readings in the text and erroneous attributions and gaps in the signatures). Cf. Stogioglou 1971, p. 201 n. 3.

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