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13.44 Letter from Vahtang, ruler of Iberia (Georgia)
Karakalou Monastery, Archives
Paper (folio), 29.5 x 21 cm
To the left of the illuminated initial letter is the prince's seal, in Georgian.


The Original New Testament

The ruler of Iberia, Vahtang, informs Hegumen Makarios of the Karakalou Monastery of the arrival of Father Gabriel and hieromonks Zosimas and Malachias, sent to seek funds for the Monastery, and adds that they have told him of the damage to the lead on the dome of the katholikon. He is sending for its repair the sum of one thousand piastres. If he hears that the dome has indeed been repaired, he will make a larger donation and will take the Monastery under his protection. He requests that his name and the names of his five sons Artzilin, Georgios, Levan, Louvarsamin and Solomon be commemorated by being inscribed in the prothesis of the monastery.

Bibliography: Unpublished. Cf. Chrysochoidis - Gounaridis 1985, no. 5, p. 17.

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