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13.45 Sigillion of the Patriarch and Synod (Patriarch Dionysios IV)
December 1682
Xeropotamou Monastery, Archives
Paper, 73 x 52 cm


The Original New Testament

Among the privileges of the Patriarchate is that of awarding a monastery the status of stauropegion. The brothers of the Monastery of the Forty Martyrs, that is, of Xeropotamou, have petitioned the Patriarch to designate their foundation a stauropegion. The Patriarch and the Synod have accepted their petition and granted the Xeropotamou Monastery stauropegic status. No ecclesiastical or secular authority, not even the Bishop of Ierissos, shall henceforth have any right of interference in the affairs of the foundation. Ordinations shall be celebrated by the present Bishop of Ierissos for the duration of his lifetime, and thereafter by a prelate selected by the Monastery. The life of the monastery shall be cenobitic, according to tradition, and it shall be ruled by a hegumen elected by the brotherhood.

Bibliography: Unpublished. Cf. Eudokimos 1926, no. 180. Gounaridis 1993, no. 49, pp. 58-60.

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