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13.47 Letter from the Great Lavra
23 April 1698
Skete of St Anne, Archives
Paper (folio), 30 x 20.5 cm
In the centre of the upper margin is the impressed seal of the Great Lavra (bust of St Athanasios the Athonite).


The Original New Testament

When Prior Philotheos was dikaios of the Lavra and Prior Nikephoros sacristan, there came to the monastery Thomas, brother of George, both being sons of Demetrios Kyritzis of Kastoria, in order to settle the question of the bequest made by his late father. According to his will, the deceased dedicated to the Skete of St Anne and deposited with the Mint in Venice the sum of five thousand ducats, imposing the following obligation: the monks were each year to receive the interest on this sum for the purpose of celebrating four pernoctations, on the Feasts of St George, St Demetrios, St Nicholas and St Kyriaki. After their vigil the monks were to celebrate the liturgy in their cells, commemorating the names given them by Thomas. Following this there was to be a meal in the kyriakon of the skete. Any remaining money was to be shared among the monks. The monks of St Anne s, however, did not agree with the terms of this bequest. They preferred that the money be sent to the Great Lavra, which should allow them 40 piastres annually for the requiem vigils and the other expenses. With this present letter the Great Lavra undertakes to give the Skete the above sums from the interest, as long as they continue to receive the money, of course. Curses are called down upon any who violate the agreement.

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