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13.48 Builders contract for construction work at the Xeropotamou Monastery
Xeropotamou Monastery, Archives
Paper (folio), 33 x 22 cm
At the bottom of the document are the impressions of the seals of the three master-builders.


The Original New Testament

Master Antonis, Master Raikos and Master Ioannis, together with Manthos, Kostas and Demos, have contracted with the prior of the Xeropotamou Monastery to effect repairs to certain of the monastery buildings. They are to rebuild from the foundations, with three floors and with vaults, the old quarters within the Tower as far as the cellars, and in the other span (wing), the area between the infirmary and the cellars. In exchange for this work they are to receive from the Monastery 450 piastres and 330 measures of wine, plus two cups of wine apiece. They will also receive one ram for every 50 piastres.

(Later annotations to the document show that the builders were also paid 39 piastres for the timber they used, plus two payments of 100 aslans apiece.)

Bibliography: Unpublished. Cf. Gounaridis 1993, no. 63, pp. 69-71.

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