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13.49 Deed of donation of a metochi at Bebeki, near Constantinople
12 January 1755
Iviron Monastery, Archives
Paper (folio), 52 x 38 cm
The text, written in reddish-brown ink, continues on the recto of the first sheet. To the left of the signature of the donor is the imprint of his seal.


The Original New Testament

The archon Kyritzis Stavrakis, inspired by divine zeal, has bequeathed to the Iviron Monastery the house of which he stands possessed in the village of Bebeki (near Constantinople) and located opposite the large house which he occupies himself. The property is made over in its entirety and in perpetuity and shall henceforth constitute an indiscerptible and inalienable part of the Monastery's estates, and no kinsman of his nor any descendant nor any heir shall be able to divest the Monastery of it. Nor shall any Ivirite now or in the future be entitled to sell or in any other way appropriate it from the Monastery's possession. The property shall be inhabited by a monk from the Iviron Monastery, and shall serve as a place wherein youth may be instructed in the Holy Scriptures. If any of the conventual fathers shall sell or otherwise abstract the property from the Monastery or shall prevent the residence of a monk or the instruction of the young, then the donor, if he shall still be in this life, his descendants and heirs shall be entitled to resume the ownership of the property.

In surety of this the present deed of donation has been drawn up, ratified by the signature of the Ecumenical Patriarch Cyril and witnessed by the signatory prelates, signed by the donor, entered into the Sacred Codex of the Great Church of Christ and delivered to the fathers of the Iviron Monastery.

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