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13.54 Contract for the decoration of the katholikon of the Xeropotamou Monastery
20 May 1782
Xeropotamou Monastery, Archives
Paper (folio), 31 x 21.5 cm


The Original New Testament

The brothers Constantine and Athanasios, master painters, have contracted with the superiors of the Xeropotamou Monastery for the decoration of the katholikon, two chapels and two narthexes. Their fee for this work is to be 8000 piastres. The cost of the gold to be used in the decoration is to be borne by the Monastery, while the other materials will be supplied by the artists. The painters have promised to display diligence and adroitness. They have further promised that the decoration will be different from anything else they have done on Mount Athos. The superiors of the convent have furnished them with a Register of Feasts (iconographic programme) prepared by Brother Kaisarios (Dapontes). The artists will decide where each Feast should be portrayed.

(The verso of the first sheet and the recto of the second contain accounts and receipts for the completed work).

Bibliography: Polyviou 1986, pp. 56-7. Cf. Gounaridis 1993, no. 154, pp. 128-30.

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