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13.55 Promissory bond from the furriers' guild in Constantinople
15 November 1782
Skete of St Anne, Archives
Paper (folio), 45 x 31.5 cm


The Original New Testament

The elders and the stewards of the furriers' guild hereby make known the following: the hieromonk Ananias, prior and confessor of the Skete of St Anne, collected alms in Constantinople in the amount of 6250 piastres. In order to pay the annual poll tax levied upon the monks of the skete, he deposited the money with the Great Church of Christ, receiving in pledge the benefice money of the churches of the Virgin in Mouchleion and St Paraskevi in Chaskioi, which together amount to the sum of 500 piastres annually, corresponding to the interest on the initial capital (40 piastres per purse). At the request of Ananias, the elders of the guild undertake to collect, each year in the month of March, the 500 piastres from the wardens of the Great Church, and to pay the poll tax on behalf of the monks in the skete. No-one shall have the right to use this money for any other purpose. To this end therefore this present promissory bond was drafted, signed by all parties and delivered to the skete.

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