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13.57 Sigillion of the Patriarch and Synod (Patriarch Gregorios V)
Protaton, Archives
Parchment, 68 x 59 cm
The Patriarch's lead seal is suspended from the bottom of the document on a blue cord.


The Original New Testament

The Patriarch, in his concern for the betterment and good order of all the monasteries within the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Throne, revises the Typikon promulgated in 1783 by his predecessor, Gabriel IV.

In his solicitude for the Athonite School, he provides for a subsidy of 375 piastres from the Great Church. The overseers of the Holy Community are to elect two monks of repute to serve as trustees of the school, who shall every year collect from the monasteries a further 625 piastres, giving a total of 1000 piastres, which shall suffice for the salaries of the teachers and for the operating expenses of the institution.

Bibliography: Gasparis 1991, no. 5, pp. 275-6.

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