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13.60 Sigillion of the Patriarch and Synod (Patriarch Gregorios VI)
April 1839
St Paul's Monastery, Archives
Parchment, 70 x 44 cm


The Original New Testament

The Patriarch and the Synod received a joint petition under the seal of all the Athonite monasteries to the effect that the brothers of St Paul's Monastery, which honours the name of St George Tropaiophoros, wish to alter the status of their monastery from an idiorrhythmic foundation to a cenobitic one. This desire had first been intimated to the Athonite Holy Community by communal declaration, a copy of which was attached to the petition submitted to the Patriarch, together with a petition that the cenobitic status of the Monastery be confirmed and that the prior of the foundation, Archimandrite Stephen, be appointed its hegumen. The request was granted and this parchment sigillion of the Patriarch and Synod issued to that effect. The document also includes a definition of the rights and duties of the hegumen and the cenobitic brotherhood.

Bibliography: Petrakos 1915, pp. 33-6. Cf. Chrysochoidis 1981, no. 51, pp. 289-90.

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