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Athos Holy Mount

Ottoman Documents
14.11 Firman of Sultan Mustafa III
7-16 June 1759
Addressed to the governor (mutasarrif) and the civil judge (kadi) of Thessaloniki


The Original New Testament

Since Mount Athos is barren and has no produce of its own, the produce of the monasterial lands in Chalkidiki is (once the tithe has been paid) by tradition and decree to be used exclusively for the maintenance of the monasteries, its carriage by boat to Mount Athos being exempt from any further taxes or imposts. Since the previous year, however, and with flagrant disregard for the documents in the possession of the monks, numerous officials have demanded the payment of a variety of taxes. The Head Gardener (bostanci-baci) of the Palace, for the use of whose Corps the revenues from Mount Athos are intended, has petitioned for the implementation of the decrees issued to date with regard to this matter. The Sultan forbids the exaction of any other tax or impost during the carriage of the produce from the monasterial farms to the monasteries, as happened in the past.

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