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Athos Holy Mount

Ottoman Documents
14.2 Firman of Sultan Murad I
26 October - 23 November 1386
St Paul's Monastery
Paper, 29 x 14 cm
This is the oldest Ottoman document so far found on Mount Athos


The Original New Testament

Sultan Murad I declares that he recognises the contents of the decree issued by his father Sultan Orhan (ca. 1324-60), the second sultan of the Ottoman dynasty. He confirms the monks in possession of all they owned during his father's reign. The Sultan bestows upon the monks the villages of Antigoneia and Agathe, assigning to their use the produce of the same. He further orders that no-one shall oppress them or lay claim to their lands.

Bibliography: Boskov 1979, pp. 225-46.

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14th century

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