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Athos Holy Mount

Ottoman Documents
14.3 Firman of Sultan Murad II
9 April 1430
Vatopedi Monastery


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Ten days after the Fall of Thessaloniki (29 March 1430), Sultan Murad II (1421-1451) issued this firman renewing earlier edicts issued by his father Mehmed I (1413-1421) and his grandfather Bayezid I (1389-1402). In this document he recognises the property and the monastic lands that had been recognised by his predecessors, restores to the monks the lands that had been abstracted from them, authorises the free carriage of their produce to Mount Athos, grants tax exemptions and prohibits their oppression by officials and military units, adding that 'everything must be as it was in the days of my late lamented grandfather'.

Bibliography: Dimitriadis 1997.

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