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Athos Holy Mount

Ottoman Documents
14.4 Firman of Sultan Bayezid II
29 June - 7 July 1491
Koutloumousiou Monastery
Paper, 43 x 15 cm


The Original New Testament

The Voivode of Wallachia had petitioned the Sultan to exempt the lands belonging to the Koutloumousiou Monastery (in which he had an interest) from the payment of the tithe. Although the Sultan had issued an edict granting the exemption, the Moslems were actively hostile towards the monks, exploiting the peasants who worked for the monks and cultivating the lands belonging to the Monastery. The feoffees of these lands also demanded continued payment of the tithe. The governor (subaci) and the kadi of Thessaloniki were ordered to study and implement the imperial firman granting exemption from the tithe, to prevent exploitation of the monasterial lands by any other persons and, finally, if anyone should have seized any vineyards, mills, fields or anything else belonging to the Monastery, to see that these were restored to their rightful owner and prohibit any intervention.

Bibliography: Lemerle - Wittek 1948, pp. 411-72.

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15th century

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