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Athos Holy Mount

Ottoman Documents
14.5 Firman of Sultan Selim I
4-13 August 1513
Dionysiou Monastery
Paper, 35 x 19 cm


The Original New Testament

In a register of past tax revenues it was recorded that the metochi (ciftlik) known as Katakali, belonging to one of the Athonite foundations, used to pay 523 aspers a year as a tithe. Radul, the Voivode of Wallachia came to the Sublime Porte during the reign of the Sultan Bayezid II (1481-1512), the father of Selim, and, having an interest in the monastery, petitioned that instead of being tithed each year, the property should pay a single aggregate annual tax of 523 aspers. The petition was granted and the relevant edict issued. The feoffees, however, ignored the edict and continued to exact tithes. The monks petitioned for the promulgation of a new edict, and Sultan Bayezid issued a firman upholding the levying of a single tax of 523 aspers and strictly prohibiting the exaction of tithes. The monks brought this firman to Constantinople and petitioned the Sultan to renew it. Sultan Selim ordered the kadi of Thessaloniki to study his imperial father's firman and to apply it, preventing any contravention. If any should fail to comply with the edict, then the kadi was to make a report to the capital. The monks were to have no further cause of complaint in this matter.

Bibliography: Zachariadou 1971.

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