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Ottoman Documents
14.6 Firman of Sultan Ahmet I (1603-1615)
12-21 March 1615
Stavronikita Monastery


The Original New Testament

Certain monks from the Stavronikita Monastery appeared before the clerical court at Sidirokausia as representatives of the 68 monks in the foundation and declared that they had appointed as their representative and as administrator of all their monasterial property the monk called Father Marcos, son of Cosmas. This property consisted of 73 kellia and other houses, and included vineyards, gardens, olive groves, wine cellars, storehouses, mills and other buildings, winter pasturage, fifteen water buffalo, sixty black buffalo and one hundred goats. The revenues from this property were to be used for repairs to the Monastery and for the maintenance of the monks, in accordance with the charter (vakifname) of the foundation. In order to prevent anyone from outside the Monastery from intervening in their affairs in violation of the charter and the court's decision, the monks requested that these documents be ratified by the Sultan. The kadi of the kaza (district) of Sidirokausia ordered the implementation of the firman and prohibited any action in contravention of it.

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17th century

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