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Athos Holy Mount

Ottoman Documents
14.7 Firman of Sultan Mehmed IV (1648-1687)
16-25 January 1678
Iviron Monastery
Paper, 53.5 x 21.5 cm
Addressed to the kadis of Thessaloniki and other districts; the officials are not named.


The Original New Testament

The monks of Mount Athos reported that they while they are perfectly willing duly to remit to the voivodes (the administrative officials charged with the collection of taxes) the tithe of the produce of the estates they own in these districts, these officials do not collect the tithes when they are due, but rather come at a later date and, in order to garner greater sums, demand more than the value assessed. They also make illegal demands for additional food supplies. The edict orders that nothing be required from the monks apart from the regular payment of the tithe, that the sum demanded not exceed the assessed value, and in general that officials be prevented from making illegal exactions in cash or kind. Any infringement is to be reported to Istanbul.

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