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Slavonic Documents
15.1 Deed of transfer of a kellion of Xeropotamou Monastery for the founding of St Paul's Monastery
November 1409
St Paul's Monastery
Slavonic document, Cod. 9
Paper, 76 x 35 cm


The Original New Testament

The syntax shows that this is an Old Serbian translation of a Greek document, which has not survived. The document transfers to Gerasim Radonya and Antoniye Bagash, Serbian monks of princely descent, a kellion consecrated to St Paul, so that they can turn it into a monastery. The transfer is made on the understanding that the cell will remain Serbian for as long as Serbs of princely lineage predominate; it shall on no account be transferred to any other king, prince, or monastery. If it falls empty, it will revert to Xeropotamou Monastery. The Serbian founders of St Paul's had already paid Xeropotamou 100 ounces of gold, as confirmed by the Protos of Mount Athos, Dorotheos. It is also agreed that the monks of St Paul's will receive the monks of Xeropotamou hospitably and pay them honours, and the monks of Xeropotamou will do the same. The document is signed by the Protos of Mount Athos, Neophytos, and the priors and other clerics of Xeropotamou, and it is ratified by the Bishop of Ierissos and Mount Athos, Theodosios. The document's value lies in the fact that it sheds light on details connected with the founding of St Paul's Monastery.

Bibliography: Stojanovic 1890, pp. 49-50. Sindik 1978, pp. 188-91.

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