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Slavonic Documents
15.3 Donation by George Brankovic to St Paul's Monastery
3 October 6922 (=1413)
St Paul's Monastery
Slavonic document, Cod. 16 (2)
Parchment, 49.3 x 38.5 cm


The Original New Testament

The Serbian prince Gregory Brankovic, his mother Mara, and his brothers George and Lazarus donate to St Paul's Monastery the villages of Dobrasevtse in the district of Drenitsa, the plain of Vraniny in Laba, and the village of Patey in the district of Trupovshtitse, with all their territory and rights. It is also stipulated that the house of Brankovic shall give the Monastery twenty litres of silver a year. The endowment is made in the time of the elder (hegumen) Theodoulos.

At the beginning of the document is an ornamented cross and the letters IC-XC (standing for 'Jesus Christ'), followed by the initial letter H. The document is 27 lines long. In the lower part, suspended from a strip of fabric of later date, is an iron seal 3.3 cm long, with the initials Vlk' on the obverse. The reverse is quite smooth. The document attests the unceasing interest of the Serbian royal families in the St Paul's Monastery.

Bibliography: Miklosich 1858, pp. 277-9. Novakovic 1912, pp. 529-30.

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