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Slavonic Documents
15.4 Order of the Emperor John VIII Palaeologos on behalf of St Paul's Monastery
6938 (=1429/1430)
St Paul's Monastery
Slavonic document, Cod. 56 (9)
Paper, 22.3 x 18.9 cm


The Original New Testament

Emperor John VIII Palaeologus confirms an agreement between his brother Demetrios and the monks of the St Paul's Monastery. Demetrios borrowed 300 Venetian florins from the monastery and in exchange granted the monks the right to exploit four yokes of royal land and the pasture-land at Ayii Theodori on the island of Lemnos, where there is grazing for 500 sheep. The monks are also granted the right to erect small buildings for their own essential needs there. If Demetrios repaid his debt to them, their right to exploit the land would cease, but any buildings the monks had erected would remain at their disposal.

The document is 30 lines long and is a Serbian translation of a lost Greek original. Towards the bottom is a cross in red ink, followed by the words 'Emperor good John' in Serbian.

Bibliography: Sindik 1977, pp. 205-12.

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